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Warmongers of Clan Skullcrusher

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Tonac - Hunter

Scryll - Rogue

Amahli - Druid

Relikk - Warrior

<Vacant> - Mage

<vacant> - Warlock

Guilozak - Priest

Gwendilyn - Shaman

Kierthan - Paladin

If you have any concerns/ideas/complaints/questions please bring it up with your class lead FIRST. They are there to assist their Brothers and Sisters in the Clan and also their fellow Classes.

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Pssst... pssst... What about the more recent changes to Warmongership since that list was posted?

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This needs to be updated...

and pinned...

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Woogah! With the change in leadership, there are changes to organization as well.

The Warmongers will no longer be the class leaders of the clan. This was a good idea to have a main person that was known for their experience in the class to help all the others of their class, but the grunts rarely used their Warmongers, despite the Warmongers' efforts. Now the Warmongers are the raid and pvp leaders of the clan, the ones that have stepped up and lead their own instance runs or organized pvp battles. For the raid Warmongers, these will be the people you will find deep in Gruul's Lair, heroics and Karazhan, and who you can turn to for guidance about keying for instances and what runs are available. For the pvp Warmongers, these are the people who you'll find most often punting gnomes in the arena, or causing chaos in Warsong Gulch. They will be knowledgeable about the many aspects of battle and scenarios available in the pvp fields, including the arenas, and will help guide you on your own path to glory.

Your new Warmongers are:

Harne (pvp)

Calendar (raid)

Anyone who has shown leadership in either field can be promoted and added to this list. It is not limited to just two people, so get out there and show us all what the Crusher spirit is made of!

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